Right Curtain Color For Your Interior

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Got the furniture and wardrobes and kitchen cabinets for your home? There’s one element of home decor that you simply can’t ignore — curtains for windows. They are one of those crucial pieces of decor that can set the tone for the room. From light and breezy to substantial and ornamental, from solid colours to prints, from sheer fabrics to heavy opaque textiles — the possibilities are endless. With the sheer variety of options for tracks, fabrics and accessories out there, making the right choice can be quite confusing. Here are a few quick tips on how to choose curtains that could help you:

#1: Know the Difference Between Curtains and Drapes

The first step to figuring out how to choose curtains for windows is to figure out what your room requires. Oftentimes, homeowners choose curtains, drapes, blinds and shades without knowing the difference. Doing so can lead to these window treatments interfering with the amount of sunlight your room should get.

It is, therefore, important to know the difference between these two soft furnishings. Curtains are fabric panels made of light materials and hang from curtain rods. They are mostly used for privacy purposes, making it perfect for living rooms. Draps, on the other hand, are made of thicker materials that are made to block out sunlight, making it ideal for bedrooms.

#2: Pick Out the Right Fabric

The material plays a vital role when it comes to selecting curtains for windows and impacts the look of the room. From sheer lace to lightweight cotton, medium-weight brocades to heavy velvet, your options in curtain designs for windows are aplenty. The two factors that you should consider while picking your fabric are:

  • The amount of sunlight you want streaming in
  • The mood and decor of your room. For example, heavier fabrics suit more traditional rooms while sheer fabrics work best in more minimalist rooms

Each fabric falls differently from an elevation and therefore will look different when pleated and drawn back. This is an important thing to remember when choosing curtain designs for homes.

#3: The Colour of Your Curtain Design Can Make or Break the Look

The colour of your curtain designs for windows and doors should ideally be in sync with the rest of the furnishings. You could either choose drapes for windows that harmonise with the decor or contrast with it. For a pleasing look, choose drapes in a colour that complement the shade of your walls. Alternatively, if you want the curtain designs to be the focus, pick a hue that contrasts with the furniture and walls.


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