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Fashion Comforter Double Q/S 4pcs Printed

Fashion Comforter Double Q/S 4pcs Printed


This Comforter Double 4pcs Printed ,fashion designs, creating optimum bedroom styling options, with four beautifully striking looks to choose from. In both larger and smaller scales and two colourways, this product is the ultimate choice for interchangeable styling. Ethically sourced overseas and made to quality and human-ecological safety standards

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1 Comforter 200 x 200 cm
1 Fitted Sheet 180 x 200 cm
2 Pillow Cases 50 x 70 cm

8 reviews for Fashion Comforter Double Q/S 4pcs Printed

  1. Katherine Ward (verified owner)

    Great for everyone.

  2. Jennifer Cooper (verified owner)

    It’s exceeded all other products I’ve tried.

  3. Kenneth Lopez (verified owner)

    Great for everyone.

  4. Jonathan Morgan (verified owner)

    I can’t find any faults with it.

  5. Justin Taylor (verified owner)

    It is perfectly durable.

  6. Steven Ross (verified owner)

    It met all of my expectations.

  7. Angela Torres (verified owner)

    Reliable and dependable.

  8. John Smith (verified owner)

    It’s a fantastic investment.

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